Privacy Policy

You may have received an email in regard to an employment opportunity from LinkSource Recruiters because you indicated through an employment website and/or other electronic means specifying your interest in being contacted by employers with available positions that they determine you are qualified for. These employers have requested LinkSource Recruiters to source, identify, and pre-qualify potential candidates based on their requirements for the open position and prospective candidate resumes. The email you received is solely intended to inform you of potential employment opportunities that you may find of interest.

LinkSource Recruiters strictly adheres to the requirements of the Federal CAN-SPAM Act and will promptly honor any removal requests. Please note that we are only able to remove email addresses that you have received an email correspondence for. If you have multiple email addresses that you use for posting resumes and for other job seeking purposes, please include them in your removal request. By asking to be removed from our candidate database you will no longer get notifications for any of the positions we are looking to fill now or in the future. To be removed from our database, please reply to the email you received from us with the word "Remove" in the subject line. Alternatively, you could email and provide us with the emails to be removed. Removal requests are promptly processed within 24 hours of receipt.

LinkSource Recruiters enforce these standards on any and all abuse of our services. If you have been emailed by LinkSource Recruiters or one of our employers on a non-employment related matter, please contact us at so we can investigate the matter. Please provide us with full details of the violation and include copies of the correspondence if possible. The emails you receive from LinkSource Recruiters will always be regarding an available employment opportunity. You should never receive any solicitation attempting to sell a product or service. By reporting abuse of our policies you will be helping us help maintain the integrity of our service as well as internet employment practices as a whole.

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